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Hobby Clubs

The school offers students a wide range of club activities appropriate to their age. Joining a club is one of the many ways in which we seek to encourage students to pursue areas of personal interest. The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. Its efforts include inviting leading environmentalists to the school to talk to students and sensitize them to the opportunities and challenges in addressing environmental issues, organising an annual tree-planting day, and participating in important nature-oriented programmes.


Film Club gives children of Green Willow access to thousands of films and organises school visits by professionals from within the film industry. Pupils are encouraged to watch and review a diverse range of films including classics, black and white movies, documentaries, blockbusters and foreign language titles.. The club is run by teachers and children are guided to produce their own amateur films; complete from script writing to screening. Heritage club is run with the motive of creating awareness and participation in heritage related activities among the students. The heritage club programmes are designed so as to involve students in various activities geared towards heritage awareness and education for learning a craft, museum visits and conservation at home and at school. The club organizes recitals and workshops by famous artists and showcases rare, precious and unparalled pieces spanning the length and breadth of the country.


Green Willow students take visual arts seriously and that’s why to hone and showcase the photographic talents of our students, we have designed this club. Our weekly digital photography club is attended by students with remarkable enthusiasm. All images we take are digital and are edited using the full range of features in Adobe Photoshop.


The Objectives of the Science Club is to make all students realize that it is a club for real fun and not a place to horrify them with equations and complicated words. All they get here is fun with structured information with repeatable results. It makes them realize that ‘science’ is just a name of easier way of understanding things. Science Club removes myth that science is for scientists and computers are truth speaking type- writers or fun machines or magic boxes. The club is equally enjoyable for students who like science or arts or are curious to learn just anything they want.